Your Ladder to the Stars

Are you kidding me? 1. You obviously misunderstand biology if you think a zygote or fetus is a “baby”. 2. You misunderstand abortion if you think women only have abortions because they had unprotected sex. 3. You misunderstand life if you think women don’t die in childbirth. 4. You misunderstand rape if you are actually condemning a woman or a child to suffer and possibly die.

Pregnancy is dangerous. And a raped child whose body is not ready can DIE if she is forced to remain pregnant. A woman who is physically ill or weak and forced to remain pregnant can DIE. An ectopic pregnancy (look it up, you might LEARN something) forced to term will at best end in a miscarriage and at worst kill the mother. A woman who wanted her baby but is bleeding to death on the operating table due to medical complications during birth could DIE if you decide that she has no “right” to life saving surgery.

Fact is, sweetie, most abortions are medical, NOT surgical. They are simply a pill dose that forces your period. Fact is, most late term abortions are performed due to medical emergency for women who WANTED that baby but lost it or fell ill.

Your misinformed, uneducated prattle is only condemning women and girls to death and illness. If you are truly “pro life” how about you care about all those lives you are ruining with your mouth and your vote?

And if you really want to prevent UNWANTED pregnancy, how about you start voting for Sex Education in schools? How about you start teaching boys about sexual promiscuity and safety? How about you teach girls to aspire to be something more than a baby factory? You sit here preaching down your nose all you like. But your attitudes towards women are the problem, not abortion.

Nerdymind (a username responding to a comment on an article about Wendy Davis’ filibuster about new Texas abortion bill)
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